For Arkansas to unleash Liberty and Prosperity, and compete economically with other states, we must abolish the state income tax imposed by Democrats in 1929. 

Despite a few “photo-op” tax cuts, hack Republican politicians have failed to put Arkansas on a path to abolish the immoral and unfair state income tax.  We should NEVER tax an individual’s income and wages.  Instead, we should encourage and promote work by NOT taxing income and wages.  Moreover, whether purchasing necessities like food, clothes and gas, or implementing prudent financial plans, like creating an emergency fund or paying off debt and saving for college, the money used for these necessities and financial goals is always first taxed by State Government.  This is wrong and must end. 


My plan to abolish the state income tax is simple.  With political will and courage, we must put Arkansas on an intentional path to achieve this goal in an 8-10 year timeframe.  This path starts with erasing the Republican’s 25% spending increase since the last Democrat state budget in Fiscal Year 2013.  Next, we will cut and dismantle the horribly bloated and overgrown State Government created by Democrats over 140 years, and employ any other responsible measures to fund the annual state budget.


In short, abolishing the state income tax must be a priority and must always result in substantial net overall tax relief for hardworking Arkansans.

Abolish The State Income Tax

Out of control spending fuels a kudzu-like government.  Spending must be cut!  The Democrat Party controlled and implemented their version of State Government for over 140 years.  Now, Republicans have been in control for 8-10 years, and they have done little to cut wasteful spending.  Incredibly, they have increased spending by 25% since the Fiscal Year 2013 budget!  This is unacceptable and betrays who we are as Small and Limited Government Republicans.   


There is a direct correlation to the Liberty of each individual and the size of government.  The individual has more Liberty when government spends, regulates and owns less. To achieve a Small and Limited Government, we must first erase the 25% Republican spending spree.  Then, we can finally focus on what Republicans should have done all along:  cut and dismantle the wasteful and non-essential spending Democrats built into State Government over their 140-year rule.  If elected as your next Lt. Governor, responsible spending will begin with my office.  My promise to Arkansans is to take no salary, have an office budget of zero and have zero paid staff.  Over the next eight years, this will save Arkansas taxpayers over $2.7 million dollars! 


Republicans must finally pare down State Government so that it does only the most basic, most necessary and most essential things.  Only then, can we unleash Liberty and Prosperity across Arkansas.  As our campaign unfolds, follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we highlight what needs to be cut, dismantled and downsized in Arkansas State Government.

Cut Wasteful Spending 

Crime is out of control in Arkansas.  Government's first responsibility is to keep citizens safe.  The personal and economic cost of crime persists as portions of our state suffer due to an intolerable crime epidemic, and its negative perceptions. 


To protect our streets and increase safety, criminals must be held accountable.  As a former prosecutor, and the only Lt. Governor candidate who’s locked up criminals, I stand ready to protect our state.  To make Arkansas one of the safest states in the Nation, we must enact a bold deterrence to crime, including:

  1. Stronger sentencing, probation and parole guidelines for violent and repeat criminals.

  2. Build more prison and jail beds to keep criminals from harming society.

  3. Pass legislation, similar to laws addressing failed school districts, allowing State Government to take over the leadership of County or Municipal law enforcement agencies failing to keep their citizens safe.

  4. Stand with law enforcement and fund more police and prosecutor resources.

Crackdown on Crime

K-12 Education:

Children are Arkansas’ greatest natural resource.  Unfortunately, current State Government elected officials have failed them by leaving in place the Democrat Party version of K-12 education that has existed for well over a century.  That version spends tax dollars on an education monopoly and oligarchy controlled by 262 school boards and superintendents, and in some school districts, Leftist/Marxist teachers unions. 


Arkansas must replace the Democrat education model with a Republican version that democratizes and empowers parents, and gives them the sole right to determine where the money is spent to educate their child.  This winning model for statewide K-12 education will inject innovation, competition, cost-savings, and most importantly, lead to improved education outcomes for Arkansas’ sons and daughters.  


To make Arkansas one of the best educated states in America, we must enact bold, free-market education reforms, fend off destructive ideologies like Marxist Critical Race Theory, and empower full parental choice.


Public Higher Education: 

Today, Arkansas still has the bloated and overgrown Democrat Party version of public higher education and Republican politicians continue to ignore this crisis.  Public higher education graduates far too many students with degrees offering little return on investment while loading them up with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt.  Additionally, Arkansas’ public higher education institutions are a sanctuary for Leftist/Marxist administrators and faculty who indoctrinate students with anti-American ideology, rejecting the Conservative values and sensibilities of a majority of Arkansans.  This must end immediately.


Simply put, the Arkansas public higher education system must be reformed through consolidation and significant retrenchment of its academic and administrative bureaucracies. 

Reform K-12 and Public Higher Education

Arkansans warmly welcome all legal immigrants into our beautiful state.  However, Illegal Aliens have no place in Arkansas.  Over 120,000 Illegal Aliens are estimated to live in Arkansas, costing taxpayers over $450,000,000 a year.  Illegal Aliens take Arkansas lives, jobs, cause lower wages, consume healthcare, clog courts and prisons, and burden public schools.  This must end.  


While the Federal Government plays a lead role managing the Illegal Alien crisis, there are many things Arkansas can do to deter Illegal Aliens, including the following:

  1. Require all Arkansas governmental entities to verify that every individual it conducts business with is a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

  2. Scrutinize and heavily tax personal wire transfers sent to countries with the highest numbers of Illegal Aliens in the United States. 

  3. Rigid enforcement of private sector employment utilizing the e-Verify system. 

  4. Require State Government to conduct business only in English.

  5. Subject Illegal Aliens to civil and criminal penalties for using Arkansas governmental services. 

Crackdown on Illegal Aliens

Arkansas must join with many other Republican states and terminate the costly and misguided Arkansas Works (formerly known as the “Private Option”) program.  As the party of Small and Limited Government, Arkansas Republicans must create an environment that delivers quality medical care at affordable prices by fostering competition, transparency and consumer freedom when choosing healthcare services.

Healthcare that Enhances Prosperity 

The unrestricted and unfettered right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms must always be the policy and law in Arkansas.  State Government must do everything possible to ensure that this God-given right is not infringed upon.

Support the 2nd Amendment

Eliminating abortion in Arkansas, and the United States, is the civil rights issue of our time.  Abortion is the savage, cruel and barbaric killing of an innocent unborn child in its mother’s womb. Arkansas should support any and all efforts to bring about the enactment of an amendment to the United States Constitution banning abortion.

Protect Life and the Unborn

Like the Soviet Union in the Cold War, the repressive regime of Communist China is the mortal enemy of the United States, and by extension, Arkansas.  Therefore, State Government must pivot to a war-footing in how it deals with Communist China by enacting the following policies:

  1. No taxpayer funds will be used for travel to Communist China, to purchase products or services from Communist China, or engage in business/cultural exchanges with Communist China. 

  2. Arkansas’ K-12 and public higher education system will have no relationship with Communist China or its citizens and will disband all affiliated and/or funded Communist China organizations such as the Center for Chinese Language and Culture (formerly the Confucius Institute) or the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Counter Communist China

Protect Religious Liberty

Religious Freedom and Judeo-Christian Values are the tried and tested principles that undergird Arkansan’s desire for Liberty, Safety, and Prosperity.  State Government must defend and support these freedoms and values, and must never promote, or enable government policies opposed to these principles.  We must always side with morality and virtue, and science and knowledge when pushing back on the cultural insurrectionists advocating phony ideas like transgenderism and man-made climate-change.